May 18, 2022


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Strikes on Russian soil: Ukraine has “right” to attack military targets

The adviser to the Ukrainian president recalled this international law and suggested that kyiv strikes could be held in Russian territory.

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An adviser to the Ukrainian president said on Thursday that Ukraine had a “right” to attack Russian military targets, suggesting that kyiv could launch attacks on Russian territory.

“Russia is attacking Ukraine and killing civilians. Ukraine will defend itself in all possible ways, including attacks on warehouses and sites of Russian killers. The world recognizes this right, ”wrote Micolo Podoliac on his Twitter account.

Russia has repeatedly accused Ukrainian forces of staging strikes on Russian soil in recent weeks, including in two villages on the Belgorod border and one in the Bryansk region in mid-April.

In early April, the governor of the Belgorod region said that Ukrainian helicopters had opened fire on the fuel depot. On April 25, a large fuel depot caught fire in the city of Bryansk, 150 km from the Ukrainian border, which serves as a logistics base for Moscow’s military offensive in the country, Russian officials did not specify. For fire.

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