July 3, 2022


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Suspicious Tony M. His first victim was said to be 12 years old, “he was too young to be punished.”

Tony M., a nine-year-old man suspected of being involved in Gino’s death, said Monday morning that his body had been found in a jellyfish in Dutch Limburg and would be interrogated in Rormand, the Netherlands on Tuesday. Spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office in Maastricht.

According to HLN, the suspect was the first victim of a childcare run by his foster mother when he was 12 years old. A woman from Citadel, the mother of one of the alleged victims, testified in the paragraphs of our colleagues that at the time, “Tony was too young to be punished.”

Ten years ago she handed over the responsibility of her son to Tony’s mother. “I dropped my baby in this archive for the first time when I was three months old. It was practical because I worked at night, ”he says. But the family’s mother, when she picked him up shortly before her baby’s first birthday, noticed that “his genitals were sometimes irritated.” “An investigation was opened and Tony immediately agreed,” the woman says. Yet according to her, Tony said he had a problem with his sexuality at the time and that his parents did nothing to help him. “So he started attacking children,” she adds.

After the death of little Gino, very confusing testimony. According to the witness, Tony’s parents always downplayed what he was doing. “They said it could not be true. Tony did not know what he was saying,” said the victim’s mother. “Tony was too young to be punished. Everyone advised me not to go further and take action. I had to comfort myself that his foster mother could no longer take care of the children, so Tony would no longer be a victim,” the woman said.

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But today, due to the affair of little Gino, the mother of the family is feeling guilty. “I’m so angry, I’m so guilty. If I had gone backwards? Would the other children have been saved? Would Gino still be alive?” The mother laments.