August 10, 2022


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Taiwan: China’s ambassador to France has assured that “after reunification, we will re-educate”.

Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Xie was a guest on BFM Tv this Wednesday, invited to talk about recent Sino-US tensions. Regarding the situation in Taiwan, he confirmed that “re-education” of the population was planned after “reunification”.

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LChinese Ambassador to France u Shaye as a guest of BFM TV on Wednesday evening. Asked about the current situation in Taiwan and tensions following Nancy Pelosi’s visit, he said he had risked a lot during this “unnecessary provocation.”

Lu Shaye said that most people in Taiwan supported reunification a few years ago, but the Democratic Progressive Party’s “anti-China” campaign had discouraged people.

Lu Xe explains, “After reunification, we will re-educate,” assuring that the people will regain their sense of patriotism. Education will be the key weapon of the plan, he notes, “not under threat.”

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