August 9, 2022


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Ten years after the Utiya massacre, the far-right terrorist threat has not disappeared

That was 10 years ago, in Norway. On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people. Top 8 people in Oslo in the bombing. Sixty-nine militants were killed in the immediate vicinity of Utah Island, where the youth labor rally took place.

Ten years later, many survivors of Utah believe that Norway has not yet put its far-right ideology behind it. He was sentenced in 2012 to 21 years in prison, a sentence that could be extended indefinitely, with the terrorist spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Terrorism beyond the American framework

Anders Breivik has shown that there is extreme right-wing terrorism in Europe and that ultimately Islamic terrorism is not the only enemy. Jean-Yves Camus, co-director of the Jean-Jaros Foundation’s laboratory for political extremists in Paris, after the Islamic attacks in Europe. “We sought to focus on radical Islam: the intelligence of all the countries of Europe brought all human and material in their path and at some point realized the need to invest a little in radical right-wing terrorism.“Terrorism, guided by anti-immigrant ideology, is based on the notion of a” great alternative. “

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Jean-Yves Camus believes that the threat of the far right has become a real issue today for European intelligence and security services. “In Europe, we were safe from these kinds of events in situations that were never fully understood, except for a number of attacks by neo-fascist groups in Italy and Germany in the 1970s and 1980s. “

At the time, we had the impression that white supremacists were active in the United States. We remember the 1995 attack on a federal building in Oklahoma City. We firmly believe that this type of action is beyond the American framework. But he was imitated: his shadow hangs over many attacks, sometimes at the end of the world Targeting Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, Or on a Norwegian who entered a mosque in Oslo in 2019 with the intention of committing an assassination and was clearly inspired by ideology and Breivik action.

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Jean-Yves Camus continues: “After the brew, other networks were removed everywhere. In the UK today, Services announced an increase in reports and arrests of Muslim worship, its symbols, and the preparation of targeted attacks against its followers. In Belgium, most recently, The Jர்கrgen Konings affair showed that there may be soldiers in the military who have been intensified by the far right.. In France, five networks have been removed since Emmanuel Macron became president. Germany is the country that regularly removes new Nazi cells. We had the investigation of the neo-Nazi group NSU, which violated the predictions of all police forces for 10 years and killed 10 people in 20 years. Lives under the radar“.

Underestimated threat at that time

Danger has been identified and identified, and Jean-Yves analyzes Camus. “But the problem with the security services is that there was a similar wave of Islamic attacks in Syria and Iraq at the same time, and the majority of the means of surveillance on men and surveillance were assigned to risk-averse, radical Islam. But at one point underestimated the risk of the far right.“.

With a small number of terrorist candidates for the far right compared to the terrorists of radical Islam, Jean-Yves Kamus rationally considers the distribution of resources. On the other hand, he underscores the intelligence demand that there should be additional ways to cover the entire spectrum of terrorist risk. Surveillance is sometimes electronic, but it is especially greedy for employees, he recalled.

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What sets Breivik apart from its followers? “He is a real ‘lone wolf’ and should not be in contact with anyone. The investigation ended as followsJean-Yves Camus underscores again: Breivik isolates himself in a barn to paint his report, and he’s so friendly. This is an exception: in the United States, Capital’s invasion is the work of groupsJean-Yves Camus explains that online forums play an important role everywhere, where groups are formed and then they meet in real life.

The end of innocence in Norway

In Norway, it is time to take stock of what has been done since the assassination of Anders Breivik.

Lorelo Norwegian journalist Desjardins explains that many believe this.The government has not done enough against the rise of the far right“In a country where freedom of expression is widely described and gives voice to racists and sometimes neo-Nazis, anti-Muslim hatred has grown in Norway. The far-right party FrP (Progressive Party) The journalist notes that he participated in the Norwegian government from 2018 to 2020, so many Norwegians and immigrants are reluctant to express themselves in public debate.

The debate is even more lively as elections are scheduled for two months in Norway.

Breivik marks the end of innocence

Breivik’s victims were young people, children, and a teacher who returned to Norway and the island disguised as a police officer to kill children: “Breivik marks the end of innocence. We in Norway would never have imagined that there would be such an act on Norwegian soil. He was the one who killed the most people after World War II “, To explain Lorelo Desjardins.


According to one Study Recently published by the National Center for Depression and Traumatic Violence, one-third of those who escaped from Utah last year suffered from more severe disorders: post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, headaches …

To make matters worse, many of the survivors still receive death threats and hateful news. Some who are active in labor politics are accused of using their position to send a message. Some had to be headhunters for 10 years, but during this anniversary, they come out and talk.

“The far-right views that inspired the attack are still a driving force for right-wing extremists nationally and internationally, and have encouraged many terrorist attacks over the past decade.“, Norwegian Intelligence Services (BST) warned this week.

The debate over the arming of police on patrols has been revived. It is time to recall the exceptionally armed Norwegian police, who were criticized in 2011 for its lack of preparation.

On Tuesday, two days before the anniversary, Benjamin Hermanson, a victim of a racist act in Norway, was killed by neo-Nazis in 2001 because he was black, and was destroyed with the inscription.Breivik is right. “. Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg said: “Bewilderment and outrage“.

On the shores of Lake Tyrefjordan, where Utia bathes, Breivik disappoints the hope that it will be ready for the 10th anniversary of the National Monument for Victims. Kovit’s fault, but repeated clashes with neighbors.

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