February 3, 2023


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Tens of thousands of poles on the streets after the death of a pregnant woman

According to women’s rights NGOs, tens of thousands of people protested across Poland on Saturday following the death of a pregnant woman and a victimized woman, prohibiting any abortion under a law in force since the beginning of this year.

Isabella, 30, became pregnant 22 weeks ago and died in late September at Pszczyna Hospital in Silesia (southern).

The fetus is dead, and the patient is dead

Doctors were waiting for the fetus to die. The fetus is dead, and the patient is dead. Septic shockThe family’s lawyer, Jolanda Butsovska, wrote in a tweet that Isabella first lost her life as a result of the October 2020 Constitutional Court decision, which came into force at the end of January.

The court, backed by the Nationalist Government for Law and Justice (PiS), barred spontaneous termination of pregnancy in the event of severe abortion, resulting in no abortion other than rape or sexual assault. When the mother’s life is in danger.

Not one yet!“Thousands of protesters chanted in Warsaw as they gathered in front of the tribunal seat before heading to the health ministry.

Similar protests took place in about seventy Polish cities.

According to his family, doctors at Pszczyna Hospital “Have followed a wait-and-see course“Isabella did not need to have an abortion,” she said.

Anyone can be sentenced to three years in prison, including doctors who assist in performing abortions.

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