December 8, 2022


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Tensions should not have an impact on cooperation in NATO

The dispute between France, the United States and Australia over the breach of the French submarine mega deal in Canberra will not have an impact.Military cooperationWithin NATO, Admiral Rob Boyer, chairman of the coalition’s military committee, said Saturday.

The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom on Wednesday announced a strategic alliance to confront China (AUKUS), which in fact lost a major contract signed in France in 2016 to supply US nuclear-powered submarines to Canberra. Delivery of twelve diesel powered submarines to Australia.

There may be implications or consequences as a result of this agreement, but I do not predict that it will have a synergistic impact within NATO.The announcement was made by Admiral Bauer after a conference of NATO military leaders in Athens.

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In the first place, “Australia is a partner but not a member of NATO. From a political point of view there are many agreements between countries that have an impact on NATO.“But an agreement was reached between the United States, Australia and Great Britain.”As far as I know, it will have no impact on military cooperation in NATO“, He continued.

The strategic alliance angered France, which lost a contract to supply $ 90 billion (56 56 billion) in submarines. On Friday, France recalled its ambassadors to the United States and Australia, an unprecedented decision for two historically friendly countries.

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