May 17, 2022


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The 13th generation Intel Core Raptor Lake-S (desktop) processors are said to be launched in the late third quarter of 2022.

The 13th generation Intel Core Raptor Lake-S (desktop) processors are said to be launched in the late third quarter of 2022.

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Intel Raptor Lake is rumored to launch by the end of September

Intel made a amazing show At the 2022 investor meeting with a public demonstration of the 13th generation CPU core codenamed “Raptor Lake”. This was not only the first demonstration of the new CPU series, but also the first time that Intel confirmed that it would offer twice as many effective cores as Alder Lake.

Intel hasn’t said much about the performance of the new series. However, the company has reported performance “up to” double digits, which can mean anything from 1% to 10%. according to Moore’s Law diedthis number ranges from 8 to 15% for single-threaded tests and 30 to 40% for multi-threaded tests, but these are also fairly wide ranges until you consider them definitive.

Most importantly, MLID has an update on a possible Raptor Lake release date. The first parts of the 13th generation desktop are supposed to be released By the end of the third quarter of this yearWhich means the end of September at the latest. Interestingly, the H/HX/U series for mobile will actually launch in the fourth quarter. The mobile release date rumors are more interesting considering that the latest laptop launches have usually been associated with new graphics architectures. However, the arrival of Raptor Lake Mobile in the fourth quarter indicates that we are also getting new NVIDIA or Intel GPUs.

Intel Raptor LLC rumors, Source: Moore’s Law is dead

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At its 2022 investor meeting, Intel confirmed that Raptor Lake will have up to 24 cores and 32 threads. This configuration is achieved by combining 8 performance cores and 16 efficient cores. The company has also confirmed that Raptor Lake CPUs will be socket compatible with LGA1700 motherboards already available for Alder Lake systems.

Intel Raptor LLC, Source: Intel

Intel mainframe desktop CPU roadmap (rumored)
Video Cards Alder Lake Lake Raptor meteor lake
lunch date Fourth Quarter 2021 Fourth Quarter 2022 Second Quarter 2023
manufacturing knot Intel 7 Intel 7 Intel 4
Large nucleus µArch Golden Cove Raptor Cove Redwood Cove
µArch . small kernel Gracemont Gracemont Christmont
µArch . graphics Gen12.2 Gen12.2 General 12.7
Max core count 16 (8c + 8c) 24 (8 c + 16 c) TBC
Plug LGA1700 LGA1700 TBC
Memory support DDR4 / DDR5-4800 DDR4 / DDR5-5600 DDR5
PCIe Gen PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0
Intel Core . series twelfth generation core thirteenth generation core 14th Generation Core


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