September 30, 2022


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The atrocities of the Afghan youth were forcibly recruited by the Taliban

Today, the young man reached Kabul like tens of thousands of Afghans, capturing half of the provincial capitals of Afghanistan in eight days and fleeing an insurgent flash attack on the capital’s gates.

Established with his family in a tent in a suburb north of the capital, he describes the atrocities of the last day of his besieged city.

On Sunday morning, Abdullah knew that the Taliban would soon be approaching him.

But he was stunned when the rebels stopped him on the street and took him to a nearby hill with weapons: an RPG head on his back, weighing about twenty kilos, and a box in each hand.

The parents threatened

His face, marked by acne, is said to have been identified with Taliban students from a madrassa (Koranic school) near Abdullah Kunduz. The Taliban recruited 30 to 40 youths, some under the age of 14.

“They were told to carry weapons and join their team. And when their parents came to ask for their release, they threatened them with weapons,” said the young woman, who wore a traditional blue shirt.

Abdullah’s trials force his relatives to release him three hours before the Taliban are persuaded. Then the family decides to run away and the young man goes out to tell his grandfather.

But the Taliban are still there. Four “Pakistani” fighters, based on their pronunciation, stop him and take him to prepare for war.

“They were beating us. I still have scores,” he says as the night falls.

An hour later, an M16 assault rifle used by the U.S. military was deployed, and the Taliban attacked police offices on their way to the front line.

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“I was trembling and I couldn’t hold my gun,” Abdullah recalled, who worked at his father’s hairdressing salon and had never fought before.

“Aerial bombardment and tanks were fired. Three or four boys carrying guns were killed when their bags exploded.”

Because on the contrary, Afghan forces are retaliating.

“One Taliban was killed, another lost a leg and an arm,” Abdullah continues, his almond-brown eyes covered by a lock of black hair.

“I was really scared. I was thinking about my parents, I was like: If I was beaten to death … what would they be?”


“Half of the Taliban who came with him” were killed or wounded. So he tried his luck, threw the gun down and ran away.

He takes an hour to return to his surroundings: “I was shocked, I could not recognize our door (…) When I got home, I was no longer sure.

The family prepares to escape, borrows and even sells the mother’s phone to pay for the trip. “We didn’t take anything. We even sold the food we had,” Abdullah laments.

When they hit the house with a motor fire they left smoke.

After a fifteen-hour journey, they finally reached Kabul with his parents, his grandfather, his two sisters and three brothers, the youngest of whom was two and a half years old.

Since then, they have been sleeping on the floor, with nothing but the clothes they have on their backs.

The day before, the “passing businessman” threw a blanket over them.

Now that his country is on fire, Abdullah’s only hope is to get out. But he worries about his sick mother.

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He also suffered abdominal pain as the Taliban beat him “with the grip of their weapons”. He can’t even eat.