August 10, 2022


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The author reveals who could be the villains in Prince Harry's memoirs

The author reveals who could be the villains in Prince Harry’s memoirs

Prince Harry’s ghost writer was paid $1 million for his memoirs, a report claims.

She said the Duke of Sussex and JR Muhrmer had been secretly working on the memoirs.

Commenting on the report, famed ghost writer Johswa Lysek said, “Prince Harry took a big advance to defame his family name and hired a ghost writer to carry out the blow.”

Lysek, author of several books, said, “How can a ghost writer save his honor, do justice to Prince Harry’s story, and sell a million books at the same time?”

Then he went on to explain what to expect from Harry’s diary.

He said: “Prince Harry’s memoirs have to be told in a way that makes him a hero.

“It’s family,” Joshua said detailing who the “villain” might be.

He said it would be the wrong move on Harry’s part because “the villain torturing Prince Harry should be a concept, not an individual.”

Read Joshua’s Twitter thread on Harry’s diary below:

If you say ‘Make Megan the villain! “You rejoice over more strife in the world.

We need his enemy to be something big, something we all face, something we long to see defeated.

Who are the potential villains?

-Loss of his mother

Feeling suffocated by tradition

– The challenge of falling in love with someone who doesn’t fit in seamlessly in your family

How do you let your parents’ shadow know who you are?

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