July 3, 2022


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The banks of the Lower are unknown: the heat of the river bed in the Montjeen-sur-Lower has dried up.

Thirty-seven sectors, or a third of the country, are in red or orange alert and 18 million people are concerned: France is experiencing an unprecedented pre-heat wave, with one of the highest temperature peaks expected on Fridays and Saturdays. In Montjean-sur-Loire, the effects of extreme heat are already felt: the banks of the Loire have dried up.

“This is the first heat wave ever recorded in France” Matthieu Sorel, a climate expert at Météo-France, says since 1947. “Multiple monthly or full records (…) to be broken in multiple regions”, He said, looking at one “Climate Change Marker”.

In Montjean-sur-Loire, in Maine-et-Loire, the effects of heat are impressive. The pictures show that the banks of the Lower are dry. Cracking earth has replaced some parts of the water that are usually in some places. Because this place often faces drought problems. In previous years, the mayor of the city has repeatedly asked residents to reduce their water consumption as the groundwater level in the area is declining.

40 degree sun yesterday

In the Herald, Saint-Jean-de-Minervois on Thursday, the thermometer rose to 40 C: the foremost record of metropolitan France, excluding Corsica, according to Météo-France.
Red Awareness, High Level “National Heat Wave Project “, Starting at 2pm on Friday in 12 fields located along the Southwest and Atlantic coasts: Charente, Charente-Maritime, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne, Deux-Sèvres, Tarn, Tarn- et-Garonne, Vendée and Vienna.

Météo-France has extended Orange Awareness to a total of 25 sectors, from Aude Center in the south to Morbihan in the northwest.
Météo-France reports that temperatures will rise across the country on Friday, often reaching 40 C or higher in the larger southwest quarter. And Saturday, “Complete records may fall later “ Landes axis, Poito-Sarantes, Wendy.

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Dilapidated Oxidani Road

This is the fourth time since the organization’s implementation of the lessons learned from the historic heat wave that killed more than 15,000 people in France in 2003 – and the beginning of the season – that heat wave red awareness has been used. The Ministry of Health has activated the free Canicule Information Service Number ( to answer questions and provide advice, and the Department of Education has announced that school and college students from 12 departments can stay in red. Friday at home.

In Dorn, the province announced Friday that it would cancel the start of the second phase of the Route de Oxidani, which was to take place in Crawlhead. “We bring the race back to the Aveyron sector”, In the Orange Awareness, said AFP Romain Coupin, a member of the organization for cycling racing. Thus the platform will be greatly reduced from 154.6 km to 36 km.

Torn’s prefect also canceled the giant screen broadcast of Castress in the semifinals of the Top 14 Castress-Toulouse on Friday in Nice.
The decision was strongly criticized by Christophe Raymond, head of the Dorn department, and Pascal Bukis, mayor of Castres, who expressed their dissatisfaction.

In Gironde, the governor announced that he was going to ban. “All public events are held outdoors or on air-conditioned premises“From 2:00 pm on Friday, the provinces of the other six departments of New Aquitaine, which have been placed on red alert, will take the same action.

At Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin, due to the episode of ozone pollution associated with heat wave, road users are being asked to reduce their speed to 20 km / h, especially on motorways.

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Pool and salsa

In Toulouse on Thursday, the thermometer reached 39 C in the afternoon, and people were still using outdoor activities. In the Alfred-Nakache swimming pool, which is exceptionally open until 8:30 pm due to the heat, Leïla Kabou watches her two sons, aged seven and 15, swim. “There was a big heat wave in 2003, but it wasn’t like that“, She insists.

In the evening, thousands of people attended the Rio Logo Festival, which lasts until Sunday, on the shores of the Caron. Despite the breeze blowing from the river, fans lined up in front of various stages to listen to the music of Spaniard Rodrigo Cuevas or Jorge Trexler from Uruguay and to dance salsa with the Spanish band Harlem.
But in nursing homes, the situation of the elderly is particularly worrisome and is compounded by the pouring of water on the facades of nursing homes, ice cubes in drinks, fans and long queues in air-conditioned rooms.

“Adults are more alert than usual. It’s hard for them. Often, they become lonely and physically diminished and lose autonomy.”Sarah Jalbert, a home nurse in Dorn, testifies.

Due to the heat, air quality in many parts of the Ile-de-France and Occitanie, Paca and Hauts-de-France has deteriorated.
For their part, firefighters are on the lookout for fires as the heat and vegetation dry out.

In addition, air conditioners and fans increase electricity consumption, forcing France to import, according to RTE.