January 30, 2023


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The booking company was fined 1. 1.2 million

The Dutch company Booking.com BV was fined 23 1.234 million on Monday for failing to follow the travel code. This amount will be paid in full to the city of Paris.

The Paris court “ignored” certain rules of the booking travel code and did not send much information to the city of Paris, especially considering the number of days the hotel was subject to rent.

The city of Paris, which has been fined more than 150 million euros, booked civil justice in January 2021, claiming it had not received the requested information.Within the time allowed“.

Booking.com BV in a compliant process, proving that it has sent the requested information“, Refers to the decision of the court, which considers that the company has”Of late“To communicate the data requested by the City of Paris.

Therefore, unlike the request put forward by the City of Paris, which requires a false permit, the fine imposed should be set at a reduced amount.“, Explains the result.

The entire civil fine will be refunded to the city of Paris.In the use of the travel code“.

We are disappointed with the decision (…) regarding the sharing of data between Booking.com and the cities of Paris“, Dutch company commented, it means working”In close collaboration with the City of Paris to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the data we share and to ensure our full compliance with all legal obligations in France“.

In this particular case, the pre-requisite data required by law did not allow Booking.com to properly meet the requirements of the City of Paris regarding the quality of the shared files.“, A brilliant booking.”Since then, to the satisfaction of the city of Paris, we have strived to continue to improve the quality of the data sent.“.

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