December 8, 2022


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The British Isle of Peel appoints a caretaker … and at the same time a king

Are you interested in being the king of a small island in North Wales? If you have restaurant experience, you can apply. Peel Island, in the Furnace archipelago in the United Kingdom, is looking for a hotel keeper to capture Ship Inn … and become a Mickmackle worthy of the village king, Monty Python, reports. Defender.

However, Peel has a 14th century castle. But the tradition is systematic: it’s the captain of a two-century-old pub in a ship, crowned the “King of Peel” by the rusty saber and gets several buckets of beer on his head. As for the court, it certainly became the “Knights of Peel”. To dub, nothing could be simpler: sit in the oak chair at the back of the pub and receive the boss’s dedication. And frankly, every new horseman has to pay for his tour.

No boat before April

Around the Peel King and his family, only permanent residents, a small community was built on the 20-hectare island, especially isolated from the rest of the world. “At Tesco you can not just go to the mainland [célèbre chaîne de supermarchés britannique, ndlr] You need to grab a loaf of bread while you peel it“John Murphy, who has been a guide on the island for forty years, told the Guardian that the boat will only reach the city of Barrow-en-Furnace from April to September.

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It is good to enjoy solitude. “You must dedicate yourself entirely to the island and have a strong passion for solitude, peace and tranquility.John Murphy warns against potential candidates.

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Start the tour again

The pub has become a symbol of Brits, and the Guardian notes that many people come to Peel for birthday celebrations. Tourism can be expected to revive the city of Barrow, which is famous for its submarine construction sites rather than beaches. “With people renting lodges, tourism in the borough is booming, Says John Murphy. Visitors realize that it is only 20 minutes from the Lake District [une région montagneuse très appréciée comme destination de vacances, ndlr] And that the rent is half the price.

The offer, decided by the Barrow-n-Furnace Municipal Council, will open the tenure of the innkeeper, pub owner and Peel King for a ten-year term in April. Until then, you can prepare your CV and your best pronunciation. British.