December 8, 2022


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“The camper van is gone, it had everything in it”

It has been a Citroen motorhome model since 1989 when Christophe decided to re-type in the winter. With his wife Isabel and their daughters after the imprisonment we all experienced due to the corona virus, they dreamed of a holiday in Italy. So they set out for Puglia in southern Italy and used the Paradise landscape to get there.

Once in Trony, the little family decided to walk a little, but when they came back it was a tragedy: the camper van went missing. Christoph and Isabel parked it in a parking lot in downtown, which was equipped with surveillance cameras, but it was not large enough to deter thieves.

“My husband and my daughters walked a little in front of me. I saw that they were stunned. Our papers, our cameras, our bikes, our clothes, my daughter’s computer, my husband’s laptop, and all our memories of the camper van are gone, referring to Isabelle as “El Eclaur.”

Many harassments

Unfortunately, no one saw the theft, and despite the help of two Italian women, it was not possible to locate the vehicle. A complaint was lodged with the police, but it is not over yet. The next step is to re-identify the identity documents and collect the documents required to leave Italian soil.

Christophe and his family have returned to France, but continue to face difficulties. The motorhome was used by the father to go to work, and his two daughters lost the graduation memory they had on their laptops. A Online Jackpot Opened to help the French.

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