June 25, 2022


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The Capitol storm investigation illustrates Trump’s pressure on Mike Pence

“The president has been repeatedly told that the outcome of the election cannot be changed by the vice president. But he still openly pressured Mike Pence to do the right thing, ”said Democrat Pete Aguilar during a more detailed presentation.

After nearly a year of investigation, a panel of elected officials is trying to show that Donald Trump’s rejection of the November 2020 presidential election results was not only a bad defeat for Coquetry, but also an essential element of a strategy to retain power.

It quickly focused on Vice President Mike Pence’s certification of election results before Congress on January 6, 2021, a simple ritual in principle.


The Commission of Inquiry revealed how lawyer Don Eastman, Donald Trump, devised a specific plan to exploit loopholes in the election law and prevent Joe Biden from coming to the White House.

Elected official Pete Aguilar accused the president of “clinging to the dangerous principle that he did not want to give up because he firmly believed he would be allowed to remain in office.”

Under pressure, Mike Pence turned to several legal experts, who assured him that he had no legal chance and that Joe Biden’s success should be attested at any cost.

“If Vice President Pence had obeyed his president’s orders (…) I believe it would have plunged the United States into a revolution in the midst of a constitutional crisis,” Judge Michael Luttick warned before the commission.

On January 6, 2021, an hour before the start of the certification session, Donald Trump presented himself to a crowd of Trump supporters gathered in the freezing cold in Washington in an attempt to finally pay off this pressure.

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“Mike Pence, I hope you will fight for the good of our country and our Constitution. Otherwise, I would be very disappointed, ”said the Republican millionaire, in a serious tone.


A few minutes later, Mike Pence releases a letter confirming that he will not comply with the president’s pressure.

At the same time, pro-Trump protesters have begun to gather around Congress, images that have spread around the world. The certification session was abruptly interrupted.

Donald Trump took to Twitter to lament that Mike Pence “did not dare to do what was necessary to defend the country” as the vice president and elected members of Congress were expelled from the Capitol mess.

At the rally, which attacked Congress, Trump supporters called for “Mike Pence to be hanged.”

“When Mike Pence made it clear that he would not agree to Donald Trump’s plan, the latter turned the crowd against him,” parliamentary committee chairman Benny Thompson denounced.

After a few hours, the silence finally returns to the US capital. From the hemisphere of the House of Representatives, the Vice President officially certifies Joe Biden’s election, promising that “those who sowed the conflict” did not win.

After a long month of silence, Mike Pence spoke publicly about the horrors of January 6 during a speech in Florida in mid-February.