February 3, 2023


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The car, which has been parked in one place for 47 years, will become a tourist destination Unusual

The Italian retiree’s car, which had been parked at the same site for 47 years, became a local interest. Had to move her last, but … with respect due to her “rank”.


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Il Gazzettino, Cnews

Lancia Fulvia from 1970 was last stationed in 1974 in the province of Treviso (Veneto, northeastern Italy) in Conegliano, rue Zamboni. Its owner, Angelo Freecolent, now 94, and his wife were running a newspaper stand on the ground floor of their home at the time. The Cassette And Cnews. The car was actually used as a storage space. When he decided to retire, Angelo left the vehicle in the same place that had not moved for almost half a century.

Local celebrity

With its unusually long lifespan, Old Lancia became a little local popular before its fame spread beyond the city, region and country borders. For example, passing tourists usually stop to take pictures and learn about its history. Also, she is still there Visible and mentioned on Google Maps. According to Il Gazzettino, it was still in good condition with insurance and registration tax, and its identity is still on the facade.


On October 20, the story unfortunately ended. At least its first chapter. The vehicle was moved by municipal services due to road works. Its owner agreed on the condition that his ancestor not come to the site of a demolition company. His wish was heard and local entrepreneurs decided to reclaim the logo to give it a second life. It was first honored by the Padua Auto Show dedicated to old cars, and when it is restored it will then be on display in the gardens of the Onology School in front of the house. Angelo.

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