August 19, 2022


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The “Celebrity Ceremony” was launched … but you know what it is?

Who says year-end celebrations are a recession in sports, economic and political activities. Everyone knows that politicians do not sit on holidays. This is what we call it. “Ceasefire of the confectioners“.But where does this revelation come from? We explain it to you.

Today, this expression extends to the sports and stock market sectors, but you should know that it has a very political origin. Born in France in 1874 after heated debates in the National Assembly.

A tense situation

At the time, representatives of the monarchy, the republic and Bonapartist sought to agree on the constitution of the Third Republic. Tension … very tension. Then it was decided to take a vacation. “Take your head out of the water as they say“And above all, on New Year’s Day in Paris, let the French take full advantage of the year – end celebrations with the desire not to prevent the resumption of trade. It is time, however, the reasons presented by the policies.

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However, the resumption date for discussions is blocked. Political issues really exist. A myriad of conversations take place between Republican representatives and monarchy and Bonapartist representatives. The former wants to restart as soon as possible, they talked about December 28, 1974, while the monarchy and the Bonapartists want to drag the debates as late as possible, in the hope of opposing the creation of a parliamentary republic. Finally, the resumption of discussions was set for January 5, 1875.

Satirical journalists

Journalists of the time mocked the overweightness of politicians and found expression that is still used today: “Ceasefire of the confectioners“Yes, during this festive period, the sweet merchants, they, are taking advantage of the strong demand. These satirical journalists have truly realized that this ceasefire is political.

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Finally, the Third Republic Amendment was adopted at the end of January 1875. Since then, this political ceasefire has been institutionalized to give politicians the opportunity to celebrate family holidays.

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