July 3, 2022


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The corona virus can be transmitted from cats to humans

A scientific study describes a veterinarian sneezing through a cat infected with the virus.

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LAccording to a study published in the scientific journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, the corona virus can be transmitted from cats to humans. Researchers describe the outbreak of the virus in August 2021 in Chongqing, Thailand by a veterinarian. The veterinarian treated the cat, and Kovit tested positive and it sneezed at her.

The animal may have contracted the virus from two of its owners, according to researchers at the University of Sangla in Tsongla. The genetic sequence shows that the virus found in cats is very similar to the virus found in veterinarians and pet owners.

In a statement published on
New York Times
Scientists point out that the corona virus is often transmitted from humans to cats.

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