October 7, 2022


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The country has detected its first corona virus, and people are rushing to vaccination centers

The South Pacific island nation of Tonga announced its first Govt-19 case on Friday, prompting thousands to be vaccinated amid a national lockout warning.

Tonga is one of the few places in the world where not even a single Govt case has been reported since the outbreak. Unfortunately, the small Pacific Kingdom is facing its first case. The Prime Minister announced this information on Friday. This is a person in solitary confinement after staying in New Zealand. The injured passenger arrived at the archipelago on Wednesday. He was fully vaccinated in New Zealand before the flight departed and the test was negative.

The Prime Minister assured that all those who were in contact with one of the passengers on the flight were isolated. He also warned people about the possibility of a national lockdown. “If others are confirmed to have the virus, we should use this time to prepare., He declared.

Vaccination rush

Following the discovery of this first case, thousands of people rushed to vaccination centers to be vaccinated against Govt-19. “Now we have more people coming because the first dose coverage is about 86% and the second dose is about 62%, so this is a big vote today, and it is going to increase the overall coverage of the first and all vaccinesThe Minister of Health said.

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