February 3, 2023


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The couple, who escaped isolation in the Netherlands, reprimanded authorities

“No one told us what the rules were, we were treated like dogs,” said Carolina Bimenta, who was arrested the previous day at the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport with her accomplice on a flight to Spain.

First, police announced that the 30-year-old woman was Portuguese and her boyfriend was Spanish.

It is “absurd” to claim that they are trying to escape, Ms Pimenta told the Dutch television station RTL nieuws. “I do not seem to be doing anything that could endanger the health of others,” the Spaniard, who poses as a biomedical researcher, reiterated.

According to his account, he and his 28-year-old comrade had been tested negative for the corona virus before being stopped in the Netherlands on their way out of South Africa and back to Spain.

When he arrived in Amsterdam on Friday, Carolina Pimenta tested positive. He explained that it had taken several days to undergo a new PCR test and that two self-tests had been negative.

The couple were arrested Sunday by Dutch border police after most of the 61 people tested positive for the corona virus after arriving on two flights from South Africa left a hotel near an isolated airport.

Fourteen of them are contaminated by the new Omicron variant, according to the latest information from health officials.

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Carolina Pimenta regretted being taken away “with so much rebellion and weeping,” “like a criminal.”

“We need to take action and arrest them,” Robert Vaughan, a border police spokesman at Schiphol Airport, told AFP. “Now they are in a hospital, in an isolated place,” he added.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. His partner tested negative, but decided to stay with him.

“These people were invited the first time to stay at the hotel, then they were called the second time in an emergency; now they are alone. What they did was not really brilliant,” Petra Faber, a spokeswoman for the municipality of Harlemermeer, told AFP.

“It’s not illegal to leave your home once you’ve tested positive for Kovit, but getting on a plane as soon as you know that is another question.”

Justice is currently determining whether legal action can be taken against the couple, he added.