February 2, 2023


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The disappearance of the dolphin jubilee in France: her husband was arrested

The husband of Delphine Jupiter, a nurse who has been missing in Dorn since December, was taken into police custody Wednesday, Toulouse attorney AFP said.

The husband of a dolphin jubilee who has been missing in Dorn since December 2020 was arrested on Wednesday. Toulouse’s lawyer confirmed information previously published in several media outlets. “I confirm today that Mr. Cedric Jubiler has been remanded in custody pending the decision of the two trial magistrates responsible for this case.”, Said Dominic Algeri.

Cedric Jubiller was arrested and taken into police custody as part of an investigation into his wife’s disappearance at the Cognac-less-mine. Investigators are said to have been skeptical of any discrepancies in the account of the missing nurse’s husband. He had already been heard by gentrification twice after his wife went missing, and said he went to bed at 10pm, while the dolphin jubilee left the family home at 11pm.

The nurse did not return from the walk, and according to her husband, the dogs would have returned without her. Waking up at midnight, Cedric Jubiller would have noticed his wife was absent. However, according to investigators, Cedric Jubilee’s phone information proves he was awake for part of the night.

According to them, there may have been an argument between the couple, and Cedric Jubilee could not bear to be told by his wife that he wanted to separate from her.

A mysterious disappearance

The mysterious and unexplained disappearance of the dolphin jubilee shortly before Christmas continues to haunt relatives and investigators looking for this 33-year-old nurse. Gendermes, who explored the lakes and rivers, was swept away in the fields and woods around the former mining town of Cognac-less-Mines, the former town of 3,000 people near Albie, the place where the young woman lived, and the house that was repeatedly searched with her husband and her two children.

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Judicial information was opened for “kidnapping, detention or deployment,” and investigators support the criminal path.