February 3, 2023


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The employee was fired for refusing to share a generous allowance of more than 3,500 euros.

Ryan Brand, who works as a waiter at a restaurant in Arkansas, told local media 5 News He was one of two employees who waited until the 40-person party was over and received a generous $ 2,200 cash tip. “I was so shocked and overwhelmed with gratitude when I realized what he was sayingSaid Ryan.

After 20 minutes, Even And Tap’s management told her she could only have a 20% tip and share it with other employees. “When I found out I couldn’t keep it, it was a little depressing and confusing because we usually don’t share our tips.“Said Brand.

The party organizer – Grand Wise, had texted Ryan and his co-workers in advance asking for their tip policy for the restaurant – he was notified. He then asked the two maids to return the restaurant in full.

The restaurant agreed to refund, but a few days later Ryan was fired over the phone. The restaurant said 5 News That “The fired maid was not fired because Dip chose to keep the moneye “, and tip sharing is a common practice in restaurants.

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