January 30, 2023


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The epidemic has increased this week in most parts of the world

The Govt-19 epidemic continued to accelerate this week in all parts of the world, except Latin America: a significant weekly improvement here, taken from the AFP database.

However, the number of cases detected represents only a fraction of the actual epidemics and comparisons between countries should be taken with caution because testing policies vary from one country to another.

600,000 cases daily

With 612,000 daily pollutants reported daily in the world this week, the indicator has accelerated (+ 6% compared to the previous week), according to an AFP report that stopped on Thursday. The epidemic has been growing again since mid-June, triggered by a highly contagious delta type and it has become prevalent in many countries.

Degeneration almost everywhere

This week, its level improved only in the Latin American / Caribbean region, with 13% fewer new cases compared to the previous week.

Epidemic accelerated in all other regions: + 44% in the United States / Canada, + 20% in Oceania, + 11% in the Middle East, + 6% in Asia, + 6% in Europe, + 1% in Africa

Strong accelerations

Of those who recorded at least 1,000 daily infections in the past week (+ 101% per day, 3,000 new cases), Israel was the country with the highest number of infections. Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, has begun giving a third dose to the elderly, with its incidence rate dropping to less than 10 cases per 100,000 people in the spring. The indicator has now risen to 243.

Japan (+ 97%, 11,200) currently hosts the Olympics without spectators, followed by Turkey (+ 56%, 26,000), Pakistan (+ 54%, 4,800) and Morocco (+ 49%, 8,400).

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Strong slopes

Zimbabwe (-46%, 1,100 new cases per day) recorded the lowest decline this week compared to the Netherlands (-44%, 3,000), Brazil (-28%, 32,500) and Rwanda (-27%, 800). And Colombia (-26%, 7800).

Too much contaminants

The United States has the highest number of new infections this week (96,800 daily cases, + 44%) compared to India (40,600, + 5%) and Indonesia (33,900, – 20%).

In terms of population, the country with the highest number of new cases this week is Fiji’s archipelago (824 per 100,000), ahead of Georgia (575) and Cuba (565). Fiji is vaccinating to prevent infection, making it mandatory for both public and private employees to be vaccinated. But so far, only half of the population has received at least one dose and 12% have been fully vaccinated.


Indonesia has 1,689 more deaths per day this week than Brazil (887) and Russia (790).

Globally, daily deaths increased this week (9,382, + 5% per day).

Japan is vaccinating at full speed

Japan is the fastest vaccinated country this week in countries with a population of more than one million, with a daily dose of 1.77% of its population. It is followed by Panama (1.72%), Sri Lanka (1.70%), Malaysia (1.61%), Ecuador (1.26%), China (1.22%) and Saudi Arabia (1.15%).

If they are now vaccinated slowly, the most advanced vaccination campaign will be against the United Arab Emirates (172 doses per 100 citizens administered), Israel, Canada, Singapore and Chile (133 doses each), Denmark (130), Belgium (128) and the United Kingdom (126) Is one of the countries with.

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This indicator can exceed 100 doses per 100 citizens because two doses should be fully effective for most vaccines in circulation.