January 29, 2023


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The establishment was evacuated, deminers and firefighters were called to the emergency (photo)

What some of the hospital staff at the Saint-Musse emergency room in Toulon, France encountered this Saturday evening was a completely unusual intervention. An old man showed up with a shell… in his anus! “An apple, a mango or even a shaving foam… we are used to finding unusual objects inserted where they shouldn’t be. But a shell? not at all! An employee said.

According to War Mat, the hospital administration has overseen a partial evacuation of the company to the main hall for safety. Services further afield are restricted with the help of security and fire fighters. New patients were diverted to other hospitals for hours because of the bomb threat.

“We had to treat our peculiar patient, who immediately confirmed that the shell had been militarized,” testifies a member of the hospital. But it is still necessary to confirm whether the shell is actually militarized! Hence the demining unit has been called. Meanwhile, Samu has pitched a tent outside the institution to avoid endangering the patients in the intensive care unit.

The deminers quickly determined that there was no possibility of an explosion. “They reassured us by saying it was a World War I collector’s shell, given to Boise,” explains a doctor. The surgeon responsible for the patient performed visceral surgery to remove the material from the anus. “It rarely comes out where it came from,” he commented.

All’s well that ends well for the old man. The shell was safely removed.

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