August 13, 2022


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The European Commission protects the use of van der Leyen private jets

The head of the European Commission used a private plane for a 19-minute flight last June.

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LThe European Commission on Thursday justified the use of private jets by its chairman, Ursula van der Leyen, who promoted low-pollution traffic on COP26 in Glasgow and made the “green deal” a priority of its mandate.

Ms. Van der Leyne used a private plane 19 minutes from Vienna to the Austrian and Slovak capitals of Bratislava last June. In his activities, “(…) relations with heads of state are very important and require little more than simple contacts through zoom”, which refers to the use of chartered aircraft for certain missions, a spokesman for the European Administration announced. Eric Mammer.

To a question asked during a daily press conference, Mr. Mamer stressed the “significant restrictions” of the head of the European administration. The impact of the epidemic has further reduced the availability of commercial aircraft and trains in circulation, he said.

However, the commission has confirmed that the privately licensed company is offsetting the carbon emissions of Ms van der Leyen’s travel, and Mr Memmer underlined that the European executive is also studying the mechanisms for using biofuel aircraft like his. Taken to COP26 in Glasgow.

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