November 26, 2022


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The European pharmaceutical company will decide in a few weeks whether to approve the Merck tablet

The European Comptroller and Auditor General said on Tuesday that the anti-Govt pill from Merck in Europe would be voted on within a few weeks. Sold under the name Molnupravir, Logevrio.

EMA has begun evaluating the marketing approval application for the oral antiviral drug Lolnupiravir.“The European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA) said

The EMA will evaluate the benefits and risks of Lagevrio in a short period of time, and may issue an opinion in a few weeks if the submitted data are strong and comprehensive enough to show the efficacy, safety and quality of the drug.“, She added.

Europe faces a new epidemic, The European regulator on Friday approved the use of the emergency, i.e. before its formal approval in the EU, reviewed the anti-Govt pill from Merck. Similar recognition for the anti-govt pill from Pfizer.

Two treatments from U.S. pharmaceutical companies are eagerly awaited, and studies show that they reduce the risk of hospitalization and death of at-risk patients.

Although the Merck tablet has not yet been approved, the EMA released a recommendation on Friday that EU countries may decide to use it individually when infections are at their peak.

If the EMA concludes that Lagovrio’s benefits outweigh its risks in treating Covid 19, it will recommend (to the European Commission) granting marketing recognition.Said the Amsterdam-based controller.

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