November 30, 2022


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The European Summit seeks to establish control over its external borders

Leaders of 27 EU member states held a lengthy discussion on migration on Friday, the first time since June 2018. Harrow about the “hybrid attack” launched by the Belarusian regime!

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CInq hours per person. About twenty minutes for the other. Here is the hourly report of the two highlights of the second day of the European Summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday. Unexpectedly, European leaders were not less than five hours into the burning issue of immigration. The “leaders” allowed the most humble time to casually greet the last summit for the two of them: Swedish Prime Minister Stephen Lofven, who has been in power for seven years and, above all, champion Angela Merkel, 107 summits on the clock. The German president, known as the “settler”, should step down by the next European Council in mid-December. It faces great challenges in Europe … and we point to the rise of the rat-race-green transition and the contradictions over the rule of law and “values” …

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