November 26, 2022


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“The fatigue of some allies towards Ukraine is a reality”

After eight months of intense fighting, “war fatigue” would begin to take its toll on Q’s allies, particularly due to military losses and problems with aid delivery. According to the US, Kiev should not openly reject peace talks as long as Vladimir Putin is in power. This request comes at a time when a certain weariness begins to be felt. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s rejection of any talks has fueled growing concern over food and gas prices in countries where war has hit hard, especially as winter approaches. “The fatigue of some allies towards Ukraine is a reality”A US official said on condition of anonymity The Washington Post.

On October 24, the Washington Post revealed Especially “DLeftists elected to the Washington House of Representatives want to push President Joe Biden to fundamentally change his strategy in Ukraine and engage in direct negotiations with Russia.”. Thirty concerned elected officials asked President Joe Biden“The unprecedented economic and military support provided by the United States to Ukraine is accompanied by proactive diplomatic action and redoubled efforts to find a realistic framework for a ceasefire”.

In Europe, it is the issue of sanctions that has begun to divide public opinion. “This war is being paid a high price by Ukrainians, but it is starting to be paid by European countries at the economic level, and therefore at the social level in the long run”In short France Inter Thomas Comart, Director of the French Institute of International Relations. In the medium term, some experts suggest that budgetary difficulties linked to high inflation may lead Western countries to reduce their material aid and their own defense policies.

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“We don’t need words, actions”

A US State Department official said Russia must stop its bombing and missile attacks and withdraw its forces from Ukraine if it wants to show it is willing to negotiate. “As we have already said many times: we don’t need words, but actions”said the representative. “The Kremlin is continuing this war. Long before the invasion of Ukraine began, Russia made it very clear that it was not ready to negotiate seriously.