February 3, 2023


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The FBI found the young woman’s body lifeless

Gabrielle Petito, 22, with her partner Brian Laundry from New York in July, thought 23 would last 23 months at the start of a van journey and its status was constantly shared by the couple on Instagram and YouTube with photos and videos. .

But on Sept. 1, Brian returned home alone to Florida with a laundry van. On September 11, Gabriel Petito’s family announced she was missing and said they had not heard from her since the end of August.

After weeks of pursuing lovers on social networks through the amazing landscapes of the American West, internet users rallied to try to find the young woman, and the media caught the story. Police announced that they were treating Bryan’s disappearance, which had not given any sign of life for several days, after Gabriel as a “case of several disappearances”.

On social media during their trip, the couple were smiling, gently kissing and walking hand in hand on the beach. But a video released by police in the small town of Moab in Utah has added to the confusion over the role played by her boyfriend. Gabriel Petito appeared there in tears, in a car, with police intervening for a marital dispute.

After Gabriel’s family – nicknamed KP – announced she was missing, police questioned Brian and he said they had “no information”. Then the young man disappeared.

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This Sunday, the FBI announced the discovery of a body as part of an investigation into the location of the last coffee found in Grabby Dayton National Park. The identity of the latter was not initially released, but during a news conference, the FBI confirmed that the 22-year-old woman was actually dead. We have not received any news from our comrade yet.