October 7, 2022


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The female agent targets the teaser driver for fun, but the accident occurs

This is obviously a game between co-workers, it could have been a disaster, let our colleagues know from us The Voice of the North. Rupeex police stations are currently under construction, with Rupeex officials continuing to visit the Turquoise police station in recent weeks.

The context is obvious, but when an opening party was held in Turquoise, the incident took place from Friday to Saturday, just after midnight.

Judicial and Administrative Inquiries

According to our information, confirmed by Lilly’s attorney’s office, six Rupee police officers set off in the same car to reach their police station. The policewoman, who was traveling in a vehicle printed on the screen, was said to have targeted the driver of the car.

The driver – who, according to the case, did not drink alcohol during the facts – may have lost control before arriving In Turkoing they run over several vehicles parked on a street. Fortunately, there were no injuries and no physical effects to the officer involved in the evacuation.

The police then reportedly left the place and tried to cover up their crimes. In vain.

Whenever an incident involving the police occurs, a
Dual Inquiry, Judicial and Administrative», Comments Jean-Franசois Babino, Director General of the Public Safety Zone (DZSP). This is the case here.

Policewoman suspected of using her service weapon outside of any legal framework Lily is mentioned in the public prosecutor’s office. Followed Voluntary violence by the non-ITT weapon and endangering the lives of others, She will have to explain herself to justice at the trial scheduled for January 2022.

Meanwhile, she is banned from carrying a weapon and placed under judicial control. “This is a degenerate game, this is a file in which I demand release“, Emmanuel Rickler, who is defending me, is an adviser to the officer concerned.

Two more police officers are scheduled to appear on the same date Conspiracy in hit and run and hit and run.

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