August 9, 2022


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The fight for the jackpot and “Juga” was shot dead by police

Who was shot dead by police in Edelburgh after a car theft? Nicknamed “Juga”, he is said to be of Brazilian descent, married, the father of two children and a resident of northern Luxembourg municipality. Since Monday, his relatives have started mobilizing and sharing photos of him wearing a black square as a tribute to the missing. While they are alert to this incident, many of them regret the dramatic consequences of police intervention.

According to the slogans used by the organizers, a demonstration should be held in Nuttle on Saturday at 2 pm to demand “justice”. If there is nothing to establish that the agents responsible for the deadly shooting were exaggerated, then the police response was severely criticized after the person threatened the police with a knife. The CSV opposition also questioned the “conduct of police officers” by addressing a parliamentary question to Homeland Security Minister Henry Cox.

An open kitty to help the family

The Diekirch Attorney’s Office had previously reported the disclosure of the facts. A fugitive has been arrested by a police patrol in Edelburgh following a “robbery with violence in Houston”. The driver then got out of the car and attacked police officers with a knife. In the process, a police officer used his service weapon. Two days after the incident, the public police inspector called witnesses to “any person who is useful for the investigation or who has records or video material.”

While waiting for the results, a kitty was launched to help the “Juka” family finance his funeral.

(Thomas Holzer / Essential)