February 2, 2023


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The floor collapses at Joe Biden’s feet

In all likelihood, the Democratic president will not be able to pass two laws that would reform the right to vote on January 18. Combined with the hostility of Republicans and the fierce hostility of many Democratic rebels, inflation and the current epidemic, are they already ringing the death knell for Biden’s presidency?

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IOnly one blizzard was missing to drown Joe Pitton. The unhappy president of the United States learned from his friend and Democratic Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday evening that Congress was resting over a long weekend across the Atlantic because of the expected snow episode in the capital on Sunday and Monday. Initially, elected officials were subject to two laws protecting the right to vote (the Freedom of Voting Act, the John Lewis Advancement of Voting Rights Act) and the Homeric Conflict. With the postponement to Tuesday, January 18, the ballot missed the symbolic milestone of Martin Luther King Day, the third Monday of the month celebrating the founder’s birthday of the civil rights movement.

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