May 17, 2022


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The French Parliament has ratified the bill establishing the vaccine permit

After two tumultuous weeks, there was no final twist on Sunday: the controversial bill establishing the vaccine pass from the age of 16 was firmly approved by parliament in the final vote of the legislature. Possible when facing the “tidal wave” of Kovit-19.

The text received 215 votes in favor, two-thirds of the LRs and the minority Socialists. There were 58 delegates to vote against, including leftists, UDI and RN and three LREM dissidents. Seven delegates did not vote.

Two different appeals to the Constitutional Council are scheduled on the left, guaranteeing respect for “fundamental freedoms”, which will postpone the declaration for a few days.

The French “expect heights from us” and “a sense of public interest”, Minister Brigitte Borginen stressed, while the virus-stricken Health Minister Oliver Vernon was absent.

In the last position, LFI representatives defended the preliminary rejection movement against the bill that would impose “digital sorting” and create “sub-citizenship” accordingly. “What did you do to your souls?” Fran பிரான்ois Ruffin asked the majority, the day after the new protests in the country against this pass, which was less important than it had been during last Saturday’s strong mobilization.

“The struggle you lead” is “already lost”, LREM representatives Christoph Gastner’s boss responded as the vaccines were given urgently.

Despite an average of about 300,000 contaminants being recorded daily for a week, the government hopes the vaccination permit will be implemented by January 20th.

It is necessary to justify the vaccination status to access leisure activities, restaurants and bars, exhibitions or public transport between regions. Other than accessing health facilities and services, a negative test will no longer be sufficient.

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The main contribution of the parliamentary debate is thanks to the right-wing-dominated Senate: the new pass only applies from the age of 16.

Children between the ages of 12 and 15 will be required to provide a current health permit.

The Senate voted in favor of the pass for a second time Saturday evening, but by eliminating the possibility of identity verification at restaurants or restaurants, especially if the pass holder is in doubt.

Delegates, who have the last word, had a lengthy debate again on Sunday. This restriction is “legally very uncertain”, “practically useless” and will not be enforced, it was argued in vain Guillaume Larrivé (LR).

In favor of LR’s vaccination permit candidate at the Elysee Palace Valérie Pécresse, the right wing considers the bill “generally effective” and does not oppose it.

“Communication Tool”

In the words of Paul Molak (Independence and Territories), the opposition called on the administration not to confuse the health campaign with the election campaign. The leader of the Communist Party, André Chassaigne, said that the vaccine pass was ineffective because it did not prevent contamination and acted as a “communication tool”.

To apply for this twelfth health text in two years, January 15th, an initial one-week exam was scheduled. The time between hiccups and controversy doubled, culminating in the announcements of Emmanuel Macron, who decided to “irritate” those who had not been vaccinated.

On December 29, the Legislative Council of the Legislature convened to examine this urgent speech in the face of the Omigron wave. The situation was grim in the wake of threats against parliamentarians and the rise of violence, often coming from “anti-Vox”.

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A full night in the full session was scheduled for Monday, January 3, but it was reduced due to a midnight referendum where the majority was seen as a minority.

After Emmanuel Macron’s controversial comments, the calendar continued to falter.

Last breath: On Thursday, senators’ chairman LR Bruno Retailio tweeted that an agreement had been reached between delegates and senators on the bill, saying it was a “victory” an hour earlier.

Until this bill is passed, it is left to the last spacecraft.