August 17, 2022


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The future Belgian space traveler Regis Sibil, known as “The Oftinad”

His house is full of model rockets and planes. Its walls are lined with portraits of astronauts, including our national Dirk Fremwood. A Russian astronaut’s glove (under a glass bell) or a Soyuz crew’s helmet (800 euros, all identical) are on display.

The leader of Regis Sibyl, a 53-year-old police officer from Liege, is already in space. He is convinced that he will one day be an astronaut: “I enrolled in Virgin Galactics’ ‘A Little Step’ project, and 7,000 astronauts. I made a $ 1000 deposit, so I’ve on this group list. Still has a long way to go, but I look forward to my turn!

Train an already experienced astronaut

Predicts that this Sunday’s flight will be his. He wants to follow in the footsteps of Richard Branson and 3 passengers flying aboard the VSS Unity.

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Regis Sibyl is inexperienced and has already followed a full series of training sessions. “I flew in a fighter plane to see if my body could handle 5.5 grams of speed, He describes. I have already done 22 second O gram flight with astronauts Thomas Baskett, Gene-Francois Clairvoy And Andre Kuipers, In France in 2018. I also had the opportunity to visit the training center City of stars, In Russia, to try the juicer they all train. There, we climbed up to 3.5 grams. It’s a fun feeling, you can feel the acceleration, you need to adjust your breathing.

The Apprentice astronaut proudly shows us the dress he wore during the 2018 flight. it is a “Ophthalmologist”, Gave itself the nickname Regis Sibyl. “In general, it is expected that with the Virgin Galactic, we will be able to keep the customized vest we receive for this occasion.. “Everyone has their travel memories.

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Private planes: An opportunity to make your dream come true

Regis Sibyl was interested in space from a small space. The emergence of private companies like Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic allowed him to think big, believing that his dream would come true. “From there I started to tell myself that I could train. ”

What I like, He explains, It’s pushing my limits, looking at the earth, floating. I was able to experience this on a 0 gram plane, but only for 22 seconds. There will be four to five minutes, so I can do a lot more movements while enjoying a scene that can be watched by less than 600 people. Since Gagarin, less than 600 people have come into space, which is unusual. “

I can enjoy a scene that less than 600 people can watch.

Through his experience, he hopes to give himself every chance to be selected out of 7,000 candidates. To date, we still have to pay 000 250,000. “It will take time, prices should be democratized a bit, but I work for it, set aside money, I hope sooner or later I will get there!

He will see Richard Branson fly away with a touch of jealousy, but will also have unshakable faith in his destiny.