August 9, 2022


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The “ghost” highway that has become the “horror highway” (photos)

This section of the Liege Motorway, (A 601), is just 5 kilometers long and connects the E 313 Liege-Anverse with the E40 Aachen-Brooksell used in Belgian Surrealism … but the “ghost” we used to call the highway has become a real highway of horror in recent days. It is on this link, which has not been operational since 2015, that public officials have decided to save all of the waste collected following the July 14 and 15 floods. Flooding, it must be remembered, is especially catastrophic in the Liege region. Back this Monday, in Liege-town, we had already collected 100,000 m3 of waste that had been torn from homes and carried into the water.

© Dunne

So, this is a surrealistic view of a view that turns this small section of highway into a giant trash can that is open to the sky … As a reminder, this decision was made due to the congestion of waste treatment plants (including Intratel) that are completely saturated. Today, the A601 has therefore become a real graveyard for everything devastated by the devastated municipalities … the corpses of cars, the rubbish of houses, the furniture, all of which are piled up, before being taken to treatment centers. On the ground, compression signs are reminiscent of a dumbass’ appearance and date… Diox, 7/7, Truce, 7/20

© Dunne
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