August 17, 2022


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“The Incredible Window of Our Past”

Researchers at the British University of Bournemouth have unearthed 23,000-year-old footprints in White Sands National Park in New Mexico, USA. The discovery was published in the journal Science Everything we thought we knew about the history of the first humans in North America could be turned upside down. This position is much older than expected. These traces were left by humans walking in the mud of a lake 23,000 years ago, which has now turned into a white gypsum desert on white sand.

Dr. Sally Reynolds is a homonymous paleontology researcher at the University of Bournemouth Still can’t believe it: “This research opens up an incredible window into our past.

To be continued: “While exploring the site, we discovered the oldest footprints currently recorded in the United States. To go to the United States because of the ice, we found that they were already there because our footprints are 23,000 years old, the maximum extension age of this ice cap. Until now, they have traveled after. Considered to have melted ice about 12,000 years ago.

In geological layers, below and above, traces of carbon 14 were dated. They are said to be 21,000 to 23,000 years old, but no material has been found in the area.

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Our Bournemouth University collects samples from geological layers near footprints

Traces of Homo sapiens sapiens, hunters, lizards

Lawrence Commerte, an archaeologist at the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences, describes how it was: “These men in North America could only be Homo sapiens sabians like us. Undoubtedly, hunters used their land for food, prehistoric prehistoric humans.

The seal is very well preserved because there is a lot of calcium carbonate, a kind of lime, it prints and freezes, and then very quickly. It becomes fossil, and then for many years, sedimentary layers settled on top and protected them.

At that time, in the white sand, there were animals, mammoths, giant laziness, birds. At the edge of the lake, we saw traces. “We know that these humans and these animals have lived together for a very long time.”, The archaeologist tells us. It was initially believed that they had disappeared due to human existence and over-hunting, but today this is questionable. Perhaps it was global warming that led to the displacement of the moons, which then disappeared. “

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Homo sapiens sapiens are like us but hunters are collectors © Bournemouth University

Lawrence Comet was not really surprised at this printing age: “Our planet has experienced very cold seasons known as glaciers, during which time Europe, Asia and the United States were covered in ice.. “

So this is where humans were able to immigrate to the United States. “Until now, we thought this conversion was not more than 15,000 years old. We made old discoveries but the dates are not certain. Today, we can say that there were Homo sapiens sapiens at the top of the iceberg in New Mexico. We could not pass because of the snow, so these people came earlier.”

Date registration: A notification effect? Not enough to remake the history of North America, according to some paleontologists

According to Marcel Otte, paleontrologist at the University of Liege, this record for the oldest date is no exception: “The American continent was colonized very early, we have dated 100,000 years in California and 40,000 years in Brazil. It is certain that there was human occupation on the North American continent 13,000 years ago. Dating was recent. .

For him, it was an announcement effect to show how important publication is in this kind of science journal.

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Collection of Footprints of Children and Adolescents Our Bournemouth University

But a good invention

But the archaeologist was impressed by the quality of the excavations, and this Paleolithic site: “What is beautiful about this invention is the level of preservation of the prints, on the other hand, the quality of the research, because digging on the horizontal surface is so difficult and subtle that it is necessary to underline the accuracy of the dating done at Oxford University, one of the best laboratories in the world. The only drawback is the lack of an object, their lifestyle and their culture. It prevents people from knowing what traditions are. Archaeological objects cannot be compared to people in the East or the West. “

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