November 30, 2022


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The Islamic State terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack near Kabul airport

Suicide bombers from the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group attacked a crowd of Afghans waiting at Kabul airport and killed dozens, including 12 U.S. soldiers, in hopes of escaping the new Taliban regime.

The first deadly attack since the Taliban returned to power on August 15 came just days before US troops planned to leave the country on August 31 after 20 years of fruitless war against Islamists.

The Pentagon says the twin bombings killed at least 12 U.S. soldiers and wounded 15 others. Twenty people were killed and 52 wounded during the Taliban regime. But other sources point to a greater number.

A senior health official in the pre-Taliban government, who did not want to be named, said the death toll could reach 60, a number not confirmed by other sources.

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At midnight a third powerful explosion was heard in Kabul, A new attack raises fears. But the Taliban regime shortly afterwards said it was not due to an attack and that equipment at the airport had been destroyed by the U.S. military, which did not immediately confirm it.

The United States expects IS attacks to “continue” The jihadist group threatened retaliation Two suicide bombers from a jihadist group in Afghanistan after the attack

In the aftermath of the attack, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called a Security Council meeting on Afghanistan.

Continuation of discharges

Washington has announced that it will continue to deport foreigners and Afghans who want to leave their country, as time runs out just days before the August 31 deadline.

The West condemned the attack, insisting that it should not prevent the continuation of mass evictions, which have so far made it possible to evacuate nearly 100,000 people.

Thousands of Afghans continued to gather at the airport on Thursday, despite warnings from Americans and other Western nations in recent hours. “Terrorist attack“The future.

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