March 21, 2023


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The lack of masks and braces … Brigitte Macron’s misconceptions during the July 14 march provoke criticism

The French have returned to tradition this year, leaving the popular march on July 14 last year due to a health crisis.

Considering the epidemic situation still alarming in France, the ceremonies were held in accordance with a strict protocol. Holding a health pass and wearing a mask was really required to attend the parade of the Champs-Elysees.

While the broom of French military aircraft in blue-and-white-red and other representations captivated the audience, it was mainly Brigitte Macron’s approach that attracted attention during the event. In fact, the first lady was seen several times without a mask, while she was close to the other participants. The president’s wife was also surprised to receive kisses and hugs from various political figures, including Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Her husband has announced new health measures, including the mandatory vaccination of caregivers and the establishment of a health pass during meetings, making Brigitte Macron’s behavior logically worse. Critics were quick on the web, with internet users especially blaming the first lady for her hypocrisy.

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