October 7, 2022


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The main suspect, Christian Bruckner, left a provocative map in his cell … (photo)

This map attracts Germany. According to BILD media, a satirical drawing was found in Christian Bruckner’s cell. As a reminder, the 43-year-old man is the main suspect in the Maddie McCann case, which has been missing in Portugal since May 3, 2007. The chart shows the German lawyer in charge of the investigation giving him a media consultation for 5 euros. “Is there anything new?” Asks the lawyer on the map. In the background, the suspect is skeptical while the judges are in a deep sleep.

Last May, Christian Bruckner had already drawn up two lawyers in the process of ordering “evidence of trickery” at the restaurant and got people talking about him. In the speech, he pleaded not guilty in the McCann case. Blaming the accused is one thing. It’s different when a lawyer starts a public pre-trial campaign before the case starts. He wrote.

Christian Bruckner, 43, was living in Algarve when Maddie McCann went missing. Pedophile again, he is suspected of kidnapping and killing a British woman. German police say there is “conclusive evidence that the suspect killed the girl.”

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