November 26, 2022


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The man was attacked and tortured by a bear and was rescued by helicopter in Alaska

The U.S. Coast Guard said crews “noticed an SOS sign above a shed” at a miners’ camp Friday during a flight between two cities in western central Alaska, Gotzebu and Nome.

“The team then landed and contacted a person in need of medical treatment after being attacked by a bear a few days ago,” they said. The person in question, with injuries to the leg and trunk, was airlifted back to Nome for treatment.

According to the latter, the bear that attacked him returned to the camp and tormented him every night for a whole week.

When he did not return to Nom on the scheduled day his friends recognized his absence.

The U.S. state of Alaska, which crosses the Arctic Circle, is home to black, polar and brown bears, including the Kodiak bear, which is one of the largest in the world.

According to the Alaska Fish and Sports Department website, it is not uncommon for locals or visitors to “see bears at a generally good distance”. But even if you don’t see them, local officials warn, “You’ll never be far from one of them: Alaska Bear Country.”

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