December 8, 2022


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The Mimi Merchant affair: The world is ruled by a “deep unrest” among the editorial staff of the Paris competition

In connection with an interview with businessman Ziad Thackeray published in the newspaper, following the accusation of journalists of the newspaper “Mimi” Merchant, Paris is governed by a “deep unrest” among the editorial staff of the competition, according to a letter written to its address.

Ziad Takidin © AFP

Michael "Mm" Merchant

Michael “Mimi” Merchant © AFP

This text, which was published by the journalists of the day, was signed by the journalists of the weekly magazine (SDJ) and the SNME-CFDT, CGD, SNJ and FO unions. It was approved by 76 journalists out of 83 voters and sent out on June 18. A journalist from the Paris race wanted to remain anonymous to the AFP.

“Witness Submission”

The signatories express their “deepest dismay” over the detention of their fellow journalist Franுவாois de Lapare in early June, and the accusation leveled at Michael Marchand (also known as “Mimi Marchend”), the boss of BestImage Agency, of his alleged involvement in the 2007 presidential campaign against Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential campaign. In part, “witness damage” and “criminal involvement with intent to commit an organized fraud.”

Interview with Jiad Doc

In an interview published in November 2020, Jihad Takidin returned to his allegations about the money that Nicolas Sarkozy had received from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, in which he was concerned about the organization in Lebanon. It accuses management of “not explaining” to the entire editorial staff, and its signatories fear for the “credibility” of their title. The detention of their co-worker was the subject of an editorial in June that lacked “circumstantiality” and “ignores” Ms Merchand’s accusation.

Violation of Judicial Review

The latter was remanded in pre-trial custody on Friday for violating its judicial control, which barred him from contacting Nicolas Sarkozy, former lawyer Thierry Herzog and many others, including the editorial director of the JD (U) and Paris. Competition, Herv Cuttegno.

Pro Sarboci Pro

The signatories say they are “disturbed by (their) newspaper affiliation with Nicolas Sarkozy”, and in another case, “disgraceful punishment” from an editorial that deserves the former president’s condemnation after their separation in March. Especially since Nicolas Sarkozy is set to join the board of directors of the Lagarde team at the end of June, the owner of the Paris Match and JDT.

“Paris match not censored”

In a statement to the AFP on Tuesday night, Herv கட்ட Cutecno assured that there was “no censorship in the Paris match” over the cases involving Nicolas Sarkozy. “As for the editorials (…) I believe it’s a newspaper’s honor, to stand up for values,” he said.

“Destructive Climate”

The letter refers to a “detrimental climate” that lists about twenty departures since the end of 2019, when former deputy editor-in-chief Regis Le Somier was at home for more than 25 years, it was announced Tuesday. According to Herv Kuttekno, the text is a “biased and catastrophic presentation” that “mixes truth and falsehood” with an “obvious purpose for instability”.

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