March 22, 2023


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The mother killed her three daughters, the father made a great discovery …

For two years, Lauren and Graham had planned to live in New Zealand for two years. Unfortunately for the family, everything went sadly wrong, says. When they arrived in Timaru Island with their twins and eldest daughter a few weeks ago, Lauren killed her three children. Graham, the father of the family, made this great discovery when he returned to his new family home.

Grandparents of children living in South Africa have been devastated. “Families are in shock. We are trying to find out what happened. We are asking for your prayers and support during this difficult time. We are also asking for secrecy as we struggle to accept what happened,” they said.

On the day of the tragedy, neighbors heard noises and screams. One of them testified: “The first sound we heard was someone crying, and then there was a knock on the door. Through our fence we could see someone wandering behind the house and crying.

The inspector in charge of this tragic affair notes that “the investigation into this tragedy is only in its infancy.” Scott Anderson adds: “We can confirm that no one else is needed for the deaths of the three children.”

Lauren, who is charged with murder, is silent. Her twins Carla and Maya are 2 years old. Senior Lyon is 6 years old.

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