November 30, 2022


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The need for the vaccine for workers is spreading around the world

Italy was the first country to create this Green bass (Equivalent to our Govt safe ticket) It was mandatory for all workers regardless of their field of operation. This is practically the same as forcing these workers to be vaccinated because the only alternative is to have three negative pay tests every week.

This drastic move was undoubtedly explained by the shock experienced in Italy in February 2020, when the country became the first victim of the first wave of corona virus in Europe, killing more than 130,000 people.

Today, 80% of people over the age of 12 are vaccinated in Italy and the circulation of the virus appears to be well controlled. But the government totally wants to prevent the new eruption of Govt-19.

Some Italian parties want to go further by imposing a general vaccination duty.

While developments in the international trend to increase vaccine obligations are clear, very few countries in the world have taken this step.

Mandatory vaccination for all adults

Only three states in the world have vaccinated all adults against the COV-19 vaccine. This is the case of the two Central Asian republics, The Tajikistan And this Turkmenistan. The smallest state in the world, The VaticanMoreover, it made it compulsory for all its citizens and employees.

The New Caledonia, A largely autonomous French territory, has been officially vaccinated since September 6.

Vaccine for specific types of workers

Without going as far as Italy, most countries require the vaccine to work in certain fields.

In the United StatesFrom December 8, most workers will have to be vaccinated every week or have to test negative. Vaccination will be mandatory for federal employees, contractors of federal agencies, nursing homes and schools under federal control. For the private sector, employees of companies with more than 100 employees must be vaccinated or subjected to a weekly screening test. Overall, these obligations are approximately affected 100 million Americans, Or two-thirds of the workers.

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Generalization of vaccines for civil servants is practiced in many countries (Canada, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe2). Canada also imposes on employees of airline, rail and sea transport companies.

Vaccination is required in hospitals and nursing homes in many countries. That is the case On France, On Greece, On Italy, To England Etc. Hungary. On Belgium, At the end of August, the advisory committee confirmed the policy of compulsory vaccination for health workersBut the legal system has not yet been adopted. The health department is generally supportive of the move.

In some countries, companies are required to provide proof of vaccination for all or some of their employees. For example, this is the case in the United States or Australia.

In Belgium, The law prohibits this, and employers cannot ask their employees if they are being vaccinated.

The Health Pass In public places

Some countries have generalized an application without properly administering the vaccine Health Pass In enclosed public places, it is highly practical to vaccinate sesame in daily life.

This is the case in France Or inside Saudi Arabia For example. This restriction is sometimes accepted only at the regional or local level Brussels area, Or Quebec For example.