February 3, 2023


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The Nobel Prize in Medicine for Americans was won by David Julius and Artem Padaputian

Their “revolutionary discoveries” have “made us understand how heat, cold and mechanical forces initiate nerve impulses, which allows us to perceive and transform the world,” said the Nobel arbitrator in Stockholm.

David Julius, 65, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, used capsaicin to identify a sensor in nerve endings in the skin that responds to heat, an active ingredient in chili.

Born in 1967 in California, Scripps Research Professor Artem Padaputian used pressure-sensitive cells to find a new type of sensor that responds to mechanical stimuli in the skin and internal organs.

Researchers say that messenger RNA vaccines, specialists in cell transplantation, new ways to treat rheumatism, epigenetics champions or antibiotic resistance will be among the prizes for the 120th anniversary of the awards.

Last year, in the midst of an epidemic, the 2020 prize went to virologists, three discoverers of hepatitis C.

The Nobel season continues with physics in Stockholm on Tuesday and chemistry on Wednesday, with the long-awaited Literary Prizes on Thursday and the Peace Prize on Friday being the only prize to be awarded in Oslo. The most recent economic price closes vintage next Monday.

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