October 7, 2022


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The number of Govt-19 cases increasing “vertically”

The increase in the number of Govt-19 cases in the United States follows a curve. “Almost vertical“It’s not currently admitted to the hospital,” said Dr. Anthony Fassi, a senior White House adviser on the health crisis.

We are in the middle of a very strong wave“Dr. Fossie told ABC television, increase in cases”Almost vertical“, Was”Unprecedented“With an average of 400,000 new infections a day.

Hospital admissions are also increasing, but not at the same rate.

Even if it is not necessary “Make the most urgent decisions“, Hospitalization is often due to post-indicators”More and more evidence“The highly contagious omigran variant leads to less severe forms, the scientist explained, Citing South African and English data.

According to him, with many infections, this variant could lead to more people being hospitalized, “he said.Pressure in the hospital setting“.

Returning to school is not dangerous

Anthony Fauzi said he hopes the current wave will reach its peak.After a few weeks“Before returning, Like what happened in South Africa.

Before the start of the school year, the immunologist called the parents. “Vaccinating their children should be seriously considered“Encourage them to wear masks and test them.

With all of this, there will be a safe environment for children to return to school.

“The goal is to maintain,” said Miguel Cardona, the US Secretary of Education.Full-time face-to-face learning“, Students have”Suffered enough“Since the beginning of the crisis.

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