July 3, 2022


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The other Zhelensky Serguiï Gaïdaï is preparing for the worst with his population in the Donbass.

There is no safe place

Look at how Chevroletonetsk fought: you can see that they (the Russians) did not fully control it … they could not go fast (or) put their big guns and tanks there.“, The governor explains.

He hopes that Ukraine’s Western allies will provide as much as other Ukrainian officials. “soon“Anything else”Long-range weapons“.”Western nations are good at helping us, but it is too late“, He regrets. The governor can theoretically see the situation in Chevroletonetsk with his troops.But it is very dangerous“.

Really, “There is no safe place in the whole Lukansk region“, He admits, the explosions echoed. His bulletproof vest was full of cartridges, and he had a semi-automatic rifle in his car.”I will fight if necessary“, He says.

Sergei Kaitoy, born in Chevroletonetsk, was appointed by President Zhelensky after being elected in 2019.I am here to help as many people as possible“, He says of this work of the administrator during the war, which compels him.”Keep (his) emotions (to him)“.

It pains me to see my hometown ruined“, He says. Like watching him kill his acquaintances in battle:”I am a man, but I have buried everything deeply“.

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