February 3, 2023


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The preamble announces that the exit is “done”

The intervention began after 5:00 pm to “put an end to the forbidden crowd” and “stop the music,” indicating that there were “a dozen arrests in total,” six people were lightly wounded in the police and one on the participant’s side, except at night.

“The goal is to neutralize the sounds,” he added.

Mr. Perthier praised it as “the best mastery of power.” Returning to the clashes last night, he declared, “We were very scared last night.”

The illegal rave party continued until the day after the night clashes.

At 10:30 pm on Friday evening, the Gendermees tried to prevent the establishment of this Forbidden Technique in honor of Nantes youth Steve Mia Canino, who drowned in the Lower two years ago during a music festival.

Violent clashes continued for several hours, injuring many on the Gendermary side and participants. A 22-year-old man “lost an arm”, specifically referring to leader Emmanuel Perthier.

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