November 26, 2022


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The puppy, born without eyes, was abandoned by the breeder trying to create a small dog

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A small dog Teakup Born without eyes in Nashville, USA. He was abandoned in a shelter by his breeder who deliberately mated two dogs in an attempt to create the smallest possible dog. Puppy, from the cross Between a miniature schnauzer And an Irish Terrier, not only blind, but having his bladder attached to his uterus. Big dropped in big place Fluffy Dog Recovery From Nashville Can’t be, can’t be only at one month old Fed Bottle feeding due to unresponsive breastfeeding Metro UK.

The puppy weighed only one kilogram for the first four weeks of his life. I could not believe she was so small, I wanted to feed her so badlySaid Nicole Butler, adoption and foster care coordinator at the shelter.

“Teakup There is no pain, she does not seem to be disabled because she has never known life with vision. We always say ‘adopt, don’t buy’, but despite this mantra people still support herds.“.

In order to increase her body weight, Ms. Butler explained that shelter in the first months of her life, Teakup He had to follow a diet consisting of liquid puppy food and goat milk, which was given to him using a syringe.

But shelter volunteers are urging potential dog owners to adopt rather than breed, and the good attitude of the little puppy has never wavered despite his health issues from breeding.

“She doesn’t know she’s different, so she loves all the other happy puppies, except she occasionally bumps into objects, but she’s persistent. Moving forward“, Ms. Butler said.

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Teakup It is now 18 weeks old and currently weighs 2.4 kg, which has gained more than two kilos since arriving at the shelter. But despite her new diet, her adult should not weigh more than 3.6 kg.

Mrs. Butler and her family are currently hosting Teakup Asylum seeks a permanent home for him. eHe clarified that owners who welcome a puppy should not have other dogs or large animals because they run the risk of crushing the smaller ones. Teakup Under their weight.

‘S current foster mother Teakup He said his new home could not have steps, but should be provided with a fenced outdoor space for him to play. Meanwhile, shelter volunteers like Butler warn those who adopt these “toy” dogs that they often have serious health problems.

Unfortunately, money is the key to everything From These breeders are not the health, attitude and overall integrity of the line“, Denigrates the asylum.