November 30, 2022


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‘The rest of Europe has no moral or political right to be tired’: Ukraine warns EU

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, warned the European Union on Tuesday against “fatigue” in the face of war in Ukraine, urging it to accept new economic sanctions against Moscow.

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He announced during an online press conference that he called on “my colleagues in the EU to “dismiss any doubts” and to “finish the ninth set of sanctions as soon as possible” and the “tired” and “long overdue” package.

In particular, he demanded that public nuclear operator Rosatom be sanctioned because of its role in Russia’s occupation. Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in UkraineLargest in Europe.

Mr. Kouleba insisted.

“We must destroy Russia’s ability to produce new missiles to kill Ukrainians, to prevent them from having additional resources to destroy Ukrainian cities and the energy system,” he argued.

As Moscow has hammered the country’s energy infrastructure for weeks, plunging millions of Ukrainian homes into darkness, it has once again called on the West to increase its arms supplies, particularly anti-aircraft defense systems.

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