October 7, 2022


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The sausage war between the European Union and the United Kingdom has been declared in the wake of Brexit

We can laugh about it, but the thing is serious. Relations between London and Brussels have been burned. The “frozen meat” document may be in their stomachs.

Brexit agreement There are specific arrangements in Northern Ireland. These rules are effective January 1.

The British province of Northern Ireland may be in the single market and the European Customs Union for goods, but customs inspections of goods coming into this province are carried out from Great Britain.

Its purpose is to prevent the re-activation of a physical boundary between this part of British land and the Republic of Ireland (a member of the European Union). For the reunification of the island by the British Crown and Republicans (mainly Catholics).

When agreeing and avoid scarcity In supply chains In Northern Ireland, raw meat products made from Great Britain were given a six-month grace period. The real breath of fresh air for northern Irish supermarkets, largely dependent on the rest of the UK, was feared to close outlets if no compromise was reached.

This offer period ends on June 30th. Logically, after this date, EU health restrictions will apply. In order to guarantee the import of the famous British sausage into Northern Irish soil, London is now considering giving this exemption to cold meat!

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To calm things down

The announcement was simply intended to quell the anger of the Unionists. This is the latter Condemn the implementation of a border in the Irish Sea within the United Kingdom. Violence also erupted in early April to condemn these rules, so fears of new violations this summer were real (only in summer did the orange marches commemorate Protestant domination of the province).

Faced with the dissatisfaction of the Unionists, the British government had already unilaterally postponed the adoption period for certain restrictions, especially for the food industry. The decision prompted the European Commission to launch a crackdown on the United Kingdom.

“There is no reason to prohibit the sale of cold meat in Northern Ireland. Said a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into London. “We do not expect the EU to take such a clean stand on the use of text“, He added.

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Maros Shefkovic, vice-president of the European Commission, spent several hours talking to David Frost, the British minister in charge of Brexit. “No progress. No breakdowns, we will continue to discuss“, Did he announce?

Boris Johnson, who faced parliament on Wednesday, explained his priority “People in Northern Ireland have free and unrestricted access to goods and services across the UK” And “To Protect Regional and Economic Integrity” From the country.

In the menu for Joe Biden’s visit

Tensions around Northern Ireland Will be on the menu of discussions between Joe Biden (of Irish descent and Boris Johnson). The two are due to meet this Thursday ahead of the G7 heads of state and government summit.

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The US president has already warned that Boris Johnson will compromise on the chances of success of the free trade agreement between the two countries that he is actively seeking.

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