February 3, 2023


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The second child of a family returning home from Afghanistan died after eating poisonous mushrooms

In Poland, the second child of a family who recently returned home from Afghanistan died after eating poisonous mushrooms. The life of a six-year-old child is irreversible, Warsaw Central Children’s Hospital said Friday. The boy underwent liver transplant surgery the day before. His five-year-old brother died of poisoning on Thursday. The 17-year-old girl was discharged from the hospital.

On August 23 the children arrived in Poland with their families. They were isolated at a reception center for immigrants in the town of Bodkova Lesna, not far from Warsaw.

One day at the reception center, the family went to a nearby wooded area to collect mushrooms and turn them into soup. According to the BAP news agency, the poisoning was caused by green fungi. These are highly toxic mushrooms and are often mistaken for edible species.

The two boys and their 17-year-old sister were hospitalized on August 26 and 27. The girl has already been admitted to the hospital.

An investigation has been launched into the poisoning of children. Authorities denied reports that the boys had eaten mushrooms because there was not enough to eat at the Botkova Lesna reception center. There, they ate three meals a day.

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